Sunday Service December 16, 2018:  Minor Mysteries

Sunday Service December 16, 2018:  Minor Mysteries

On this 3rd Sunday in Advent, Wally Hoggatt will investigate whether we really want mysteries to be all that mysterious – and, if not, why not.


Message:  Wallace R. Hoggatt

Bio:  Wallace R. Hoggatt was born in Nevada but spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. In L.A., he attended First Unitarian
Church, the only church his mother ever took him to more than once.

He will retire as Judge of the Superior Court of Arizona in Cochise County on December 28, 2018, having served as a trial judge for 22 years and eight months. For close to 17 years before taking the bench, he was a practicing lawyer.

He and his wife Dottie live in Sierra Vista; they have four daughters between them.

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