Baja 4 and selected Sky Island Services Are Now On YouTube

You can explore the Sky Island YouTube channel “Sky Island UUC”  for recent Sky Island UU services, or the Baja 4 YouTube channel to find any of the past Baja 4 services.  

Upcoming Services

For the next two Sundays, we will explore structural violence, which is pervasive and often invisible. When children marched for civil rights and fire hoses and dogs were turned upon them, the cameras rolled and the world saw plainly the brutality of racism.  How can we see forms of structural violence, uncover it for others and live in ways that undo it?  

For April 2, the sermon is “Palm Sunday: Taking on Tanks.”  

I don’t think I could put flowers in the barrel of a gun trained upon me; what are alternative ways to counter militarism?

On April 9, the sermon will be “Easter: Making the Resurrection and New Life”  

How do communities survive when their very life is threatened on a daily basis?  How can we be better allies to them?

April 16th will be our next “Pulpitpalooza” exchange among the ministers of Baja 4.  

Baja 4 intern Jamili Omar will visit us, while Rev. Tina speaks at Borderlands.  The title of Jamili’s sermon is “Article 2: Origin Stories: A Moment of Change.” 

  Rev. Tina

You can also attend on Zoom at:

There is usually fellowship on Zoom from 11:30 to 12:30 at:
In addition, Sky Island UU has a Zoom gathering called “Wondering Wednesdays” each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.  The Zoom link and subject for discussion are listed on the home page.