Baja 4 and selected Sky Island Services Are Now On YouTube

You can explore the Sky Island YouTube channel “Sky Island UUC”  for recent Sky Island UU services, or the Baja 4 YouTube channel to find any of the past Baja 4 services.  

“I Wish You Joy: Gratitude and Giving in This Holiday Season”

Rev. Tina will speak about “I Wish You Joy: Gratitude and Giving in This Holiday Season”. She writes: Mother Teresa used to say ‘Give, but give until it hurts.’ Should giving hurt?  I think yes and no. I like to give with the receiver in mind — finding a present they would want, not the one I want to give — and helping when someone asks, even if I’m tired.  But is painful giving ustainable?  In fact, as long as you have the other person’s needs and desires forefront in your mind, generosity of spirit, of forgiveness, of even material things, can rebound happiness back onto you.  As we enter a marathon time of shopping, ads, requests for donations, I hope we can sort out what is truly meaningful about this season and how to nurture that elusive gift I wish for us all, joy. 

Fourth Sunday 2nd Collection:  Our second collection this month will be in support of UUJAZ.

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