Baja 4 and selected Sky Island Services Are Now On YouTube

In addition, Sky Island UU has a social hour (Sunday at 11:30) and meditation (Wednesday at 8:00) on Zoom each week.  The Zoom links are listed on the home page.


You can explore the Sky Island YouTube channel “Sky Island UUC”  or the Baja 4 channel to find the Baja 4 service any of the past Baja 4 YouTube services.  

Service for Sunday, August 7th at 10:30:

“Stories About Messing Up”

The writer Neil Gaiman says “The stories that work best, the stories we learn the most from sometimes have small triumphs, but they’re always about the places we screwed up, they’re always about the mistakes that we made, they’re always about being vulnerable.”  

We will explore stories of humanity, of vulnerability, of small triumphs.  Come share, if you so wish, stories of wreck and redemption that have meaning for you.

Rev Tina Squire

You can also attend on Zoom at:
There is usually fellowship on Zoom from 11:30 to 12:30 at: