Baja 4 and selected Sky Island Services Are Now On YouTube

In addition, Sky Island UU has a social hour (Sunday at 11:30) and meditation (Wednesday at 10:00) on Zoom each week.  The Zoom links are listed on the home page.


You can explore the Sky Island YouTube channel “Sky Island UUC”  or the Baja 4 channel to find the Baja 4 service (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays) which will be active at 10:30 on those Sunday’s or any of the past Baja 4 YouTube services.  

Sunday Service for October 24, 2021:

Renewal is something we may all need right now. Many groups have found relief by exploring the grief imposed during this time of pandemic. Rev. Tina will lead us in a discussion of what has been keeping us slow, tired and forgetful as a way to find compassion for ourselves and others.

Sunday @ 10:30am In-Person Church Service
Beginning in September, through December of 2021: 
We will have Baja 4 services the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays 
of the month and will have our own, separate, Sky Island services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. As per usual, the Baja 4 services will be up on our Sky Island YouTube channel. You will continue to be sent the link on Saturday evenings. However our 2nd and 4th Sky Island services will just be on Zoom live. The Board of Trustees voted not to record the service and upload it later on YouTube. See below under Calendar for the link to the Baja 4 YouTube Channel.
The Baja 4 services will be up on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy each Sunday, and the link will be sent out as usual on Saturday evening.