Unitarian Universalist


Rev. Tina will lead our Sky Lsland in person service and consider how storytelling can bring powerful healing. On this 20th anniversary of 9/11, you are invited to share your stories from that time, should you wish to.

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Be Yourself in Love

Sunday Sermon: Friendship July 4

Two of those charged with writing our Declaration of Independence, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, formed an unlikely bond of friendship. In their honor, we will explore how friendship can encourage us to grow both by entertaining something new and becoming more clear about … read more.

Shinbone Alley Confidential: A Mock Noir in Four Parts

Sunday Sermon: Shinbone Alley Confidential: A Mock Noir in Four Parts.
Wally Hoggatt blesses us once again with escapades from some familiar characters. Wally writes: “They’ve been taking far too much time off lately, but now Archy and Mehitabel are back, starring in Shinbone Alley Confidential: A Mock Noir … read more.