Surviving Strong

Sunday Service February 23, 2020

Black history month ends officially with the close of February, yet I propose we learn from the wisdom of African Americans throughout the year.  Professor Ibram X. Kendi sees racism as a relatively young, not-even-six hundred-year-old ill in our world but … read more.

Celebrating the Light Without Cursing the Dark

Sunday Service December 1, 2019:

Celebrating the Light Without Cursing the Dark

   Our planned speaker for Dec. 1, Rev. Sandra Jean, has had her road washed out by flooding and will not be able to reach us by this Sunday.  Instead Rev. Tina will give the message.
This … read more.

Relationship, Relationship

Sunday Service February 10, 2019: Relationship, Relationship…
“The truth is this: If there is no justice, there will be no peace…If we cannot bring justice into the small circle of our own individual lives, we cannot hope to bring justice to the world.” How might we build … read more.