Wallace Hoggatt

Self Inflicted

In 1928, Charles Evans Hughes – who was at the time a former
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, later to become its Chief Justice – wrote about three instances in which the Court “suffered severely from self-inflicted wounds.” The bad news is that … read more.

Attention Must Be Finally Paid

Sherlock Holmes knew the difference between seeing and observing. In one of the best-known conversations between Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson, Holmes chided Watson for not knowing how many steps led from the hall up to their rooms at 221B Baker Street. “You have not … read more.

The Return of Archy and Mehitabel

They’ve been silent for far too long: Archy, the free verse poet who died and was reincarnated as a cockroach, and Mehitabel, the alley cat who claims she was once Cleopatra.  But now they’re back.  With your guest speaker’s apologies to the memory of the great … read more.