Rev. Jeanne Festa

Continuing The Journey – Packing Light

As hard as we try to plan ahead, our journey through life can be totally unpredictable.  We can make it so much more difficult unless we learn to “pack light”, recognizing and leaving behind all those things that might be holding us back.  My message … read more.

Vision…….Seeing Signs

When we can see with the eyes of our hearts, we read the signs of the “beloved community” in our midst and in the world around us.

Rev. Jeanne Festa is a retired United Methodist minister happily settled in Sierra Vista and attending her home church, … read more.

Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action

The study of climate justice shows how the weather, ocean levels, and other conditions of climate like drought, storms and ocean temperature affect people, and how those affects are magnified for the poor.  As noble as our individual efforts are to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, … read more.