Sacred Courage

This journey we are all on is often unpredictable, even chaotic. Our bodies, our families, our friendships, our lives are constantly adjusting. Our vulnerability is sacred and the very act of living is courageous.

 Davin “Dax” Franklin-Hicks is a member of the United Church of Christ. He is a public speaker and writer. His primary focus is in supporting those that have experienced trauma within spiritually-based communities and/or rejection from family members. Dax had his own church-related trauma experiences that culminated in 2001 when he was disfellowshipped from a rejecting congregation. What a breath of fresh air the UCC was after that experience.

In 2008, Dax transitioned from female to male, experiencing an incredible affirmation from his UCC congregation at the time, the former First Congregational United Church of Christ in Tucson. The grace and love he received during this coming out and transition process was a very healing experience.

Dax works in the field of recovery in Tucson and is a member of Rincon Congregational United Church of Christ. He has an amazing wife, Nancy, who is a member of Rincon and a Social Worker in hospice. They have a rockin’ awesome son, named Angelo, who is in his twenties and works in the helping field. They have a beloved pit-bull named Luthando.

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