The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith – First Steps

 “White supremacy!  Say what?!” you might ask. ” I’m not racist.  We are a warm and welcoming congregation.  We’re not racist”! Of course, you as an individual or we as a congregation are not overtly racist.  However, there may be things we are not seeing, hearing, and understanding about how our history and our mostly white congregations perpetuate a culture that is not welcoming to people of color.  If you are bold enough to be open to self-reflection and learning, please join us!  
This service is, in part, preparation for our participation in the UUA’s Promise and Practice of Our Faith Campaign in support of Black Lives Unitarian Universalist (BLUU).  Our second collection on Feb. 25th, will support the campaign for BLUU.  See additional information in upcoming newsletters.

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