Migrant Quilt Project

June 18 – Migrant Quilt Project – Ms. Jody Ipsen
As an activist for social justice issues for the past ten years, Jody Ipsen has been publicly speaking on behalf of nearly 3,000 migrants who have perished in the Tucson Sector, the borderlands of Arizona. By giving voice to the deceased in the stories she tells, Ipsen advocates for humane immigration reform. By utilizing compassionate memorial quilts (some will be on display in our church starting mid-June), she honors those who have died in the Tucson Sector and illuminates their personal stories of loss.
Bio:  Ms. Jody Ipsen is the founder and director of the Migrant Quilt Project.  She has a master’s degree in creative nonfiction, which lends itself to storytelling, public advocacy and education. Ipsen has presented The Migrant Quilt Project to numerous audiences and venues, including schools, colleges, public libraries, churches and art exhibits. She is committed to The Migrant Quilt Project until there are no more deaths in the desert.

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