Exploring the Stories of Sky Islanders

In May we learned about Appreciative inquiry , a way to find vision for the future that focuses on the positive.  Since what we pay attention to often becomes reality, we will consider what we hope to become as a community.  Please come prepared to answer these two questions:  1).  Tell a story of a time when you felt especially connected to the church, a time when you and the church seemed to come alive.  What did it feel like and what was it that made you feel so alive?  What was the situation— who, what, where, when, how were you involved?  How did your experience reflect your sense of the purpose of the church?  2).  Imagine that you fell into a deep sleep during a particularly boring message and you wake up to discover that you’ve been asleep in that chair for five years!  As you look around you you are amazed at all the positive changes in so many areas of church life— what do you see?  In what ways has this church become the best church it can be?  What activities have expanded or flourished?

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