Courage – A Servant of Love

All of us I think have witnessed acts of Courage, either personally or through outside sources, mainstream and social media, the radio, and so forth. Some of these acts of courage are so obvious, like the police officer in Texas who, though undergoing treatment for cancer, returns to his hometown to rescue people after Hurricane Harvey. Or the unarmed Lakota Sioux Water Protectors protesting the desecration of their sacred sites and their water facing vicious attacks by dogs and armed men and women.
There are also acts of courage that go largely unseen. The teenager who makes a conscious decision to reveal that he or she is gay. The people who deliver water in the desert in hopes of saving lives in spite of harassment by law enforcement agents. Or the minister who foregoes retirement in order to help a congregation lay a path to becoming a community of trust and love.
Courage, in my opinion, lies within each of us. I comes forth when loves calls us to act without regard for our own safety. To do those things out of love for others when every instinct tells us to flee.  Courage does not act alone. It is a servant of Love to do it’s bidding.

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