Are You Hungry Tonight?

Poverty, food deserts, affordable housingpublic transportation, living wages, diabetes, stress, obesity, falling life expectancy are all interrelated causes and outcomes of not having enough healthy food choices.  Even though there are no simple solutions to the problem, let’s not give up.  There are steps all of us can take to reduce or even eliminate the problem of hunger in the U.S. Join us for our 12th annual Empty Bowls celebration to bring awareness to the problem of hunger.
We tend to think of these problems in the abstract and at some distant location, but in fact it is happening in our own backyard. Huachuca City is in a food desert and 36% of the population lives below the poverty level.  Experience in other communities has proved that one of the most effective ways to combat this is with Community Gardens, providing Healthy food and teaching others how to provide for themselves.

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