Why Are We Here?  Analyzing Education Through Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking is the concept of looking at the whole in order to understand the parts.  It looks at the parts, the whole and the connections between the parts.  When we view our educational system as a living system, which is the concept that the organization is the sum of its entities; we are able to see the various moving parts that must be maintained to operate efficiently.  An educational system that understands its interdependency is destined for success which is the catalyst for economic growth and sustainability within the community, state and nation.

Jacqui Clay, a native of Queens, New York, is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major of 25 years and has lived in Arizona for 18 years.  She has been an educator for 15 years, serving as Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE).  Ms. Clay currently serves as the Superintendent of Schools in Cochise County; her responsibilities spans 21 school districts, and over 23,000 students.

She has been recognized as Teacher of the year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and locally in her community; she was also selected as Arizona’s Career and Technical Education Administrator of the Year.  Ms. Clay was nominated for Sierra Vista’s Women in Action Award and featured in the book, “Gratitude Revealed, A Tribute to Women with Undaunting Commitment and Humility.”    She is also a member of AdvancEd’s national school accreditation and STEM accreditation team.  Ms. Clay currently serves in the elected position, Superintendent of Cochise County Schools.

Ms. Clay has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Business Management, a Master’s degree Educational Technology, an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and is now pursuing a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Education.

She currently lives in Hereford Arizona and is married to James D. Clay.  They have 7 children and 19 amazing grandchildren.

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