The Conflict Between Science and Religion and the Possibility of Some Harmony

Sunday Service May 5:  The Conflict Between Science and Religion and the Possibility of Some Harmony

Human curiosity has been a driving force for both science and religion throughout human history to arrive at ultimate reality and truth. They are the parallel searches for understanding the reality within (our psychical) and the reality without (the physical).  However, their world views have come into deep conflict with one another and have created conflict between us.
During this service we will explore the important areas in which science and religion impinge on each other, what impact they have had on each other and if there is a slim chance of compatibility.
Do you already know where you stand in this conflict?  We all have different orientations, different temperaments, and different cultural backgrounds, but if we remain curious, perhaps we may find a glimmer of wider understanding.

Message:  Lorraine Groberg
Bio:  Lorraine Groberg continues to maintained a deep interest in religion, psychology, and philosophy after achieving a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in mental health counseling.  She worked as a mental health counselor for many years and enjoyed teaching yoga and studying Eastern and Western religions. Recognizing that people are often perplexed about the conflict between science and religion, she decided to explore the topic in her message.

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