Sunday Service November 25, 2018:  The Story of Ruth: A Story of Inclusion 

Sunday Service November 25, 2018: 

The Story of Ruth: A Story of Inclusion 
Karls Hallsten will give some background and thoughts on the telling of the biblical story of Ruth.  It is a story of extravagant inclusion. It is an immigration story.  It is an ancient story-ever
new-for our time.  It is an extremely compelling, rich story in very “oral form”


Message:  Karl Hallsten


Bio:  Karl Hallsten Storyteller:
I had always enjoyed storytelling but did not venture into performance storytelling until the mid 1980’s. I was invited to hear a friend perform at Seward Café in Minneapolis. I was hooked and began attending storytelling groups and workshops and classes at the Guthrie. I had begun telling the gospel text when I was lectionary at my church and was on a dual path of traditional storytelling and Biblical storytelling and got involved with Northlands Storytelling Network and the Network of Biblical


In 1995 I founded the Door County StoryFest-a 20 week summer and fall event with 3-4 performances a week. I hosted one or two storytellers each week one or two other program-primarily
Door County Historical stories. I received the Lucy Beck Award from the Wisconsin Storytellers in recognition of that work. In 2000 I moved to Venice Florida and continued storytelling, and running storytelling and folk festival events. Besides performing in a variety of settings and genre, I was active in the Florida Storytelling Association and began attending the Network of Biblical Storytellers .


In 2006 I was awarded the Southeast Region Award from the National Storytelling Network.  In 2006 I moved to Sierra Vista Arizona, I worked with the local historical society in helping World War II Vets tell their stories. I participated in the Tucson Tellers of Tales and doing workshops and coaching.

Currently much of my time is taken up with the Adult Loss of Hearing Association-ALOHA. I have served as President of the Board for the past four years.

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