Sunday Service July 1,2018:  Antidisestablishmentarianism

Sunday Service July 1,2018:  Antidisestablishmentarianism
Rev. Dennis McCarty will explain “What’s Antidisestablishmentarianism and Why Should We Care?” In addition to being the longest word in standard English dictionaries, antidisestablishmentarianism was also a key issue dividing early Unitarians from early Universalists. Rev. Dennis will take us back to the early 1800’s, when church/state separation was not just a theoretical discussion, but a real, on-the-ground struggle between liberty and oppression. It’s a key moment in our history and a legacy we still carry.
Goes right back to issues of religious liberty right before and after the Revolution.


Message:  Rev. Dennis McCarty
Note:  Rev. McCarty will also be our guest musician on guitar.


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