Sunday Service December 9, 2018:  Where Is Truth?

As it is that you are a kind, interdependent, and all accepting
congregation, of all beliefs, from atheist to Deist. I will want to share with you about the needs of the men and women on our border, about the things I spoke about in my biography and what it means to be an agent in this world turned upside down.


Message:   Chaplin Dana Roy Thornhill
Bio: In 2007 Chaplin Dana Roy Thornhill became the Chaplin for the Tucson Sector for the Border Patrol. The position was very demanding and challenging. In 2009 he took a position much closer to the border. In Naco he became the station Chaplin. As a Chaplin, he would conduct funerals, offer counseling to the agents and families. This would include “PREP” marriage classes, disciplinary issues, alcohol use issues, invocations for meetings and ceremonies, visit the sick, work with agents no matter what they believe. He is not affiliated with any denomination.   He continues to work with patrol officers in the area. He brings comfort and assurance, that there will be someone there in their time of need.


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