September 22 – Have Enough? – Tricia Gerrodette
Or had enough? For our annual Water Communion, we will hear about the importance of water. Or have you already heard enough about that?  Do we have enough water for all of us, however we choose to define all of us?


Bio:  Tricia Gerrodette has been an active member of the Sky Island congregation since the late 1990s and active in water issues in Arizona about the same length of time. She is very proud of her 2018 Sierra Club award as “Conservationist of the Decade”.
Second Collection is for our Emergency Assistance Fund.  Please make checks out to SIUUC with an EAF notation.
September 29 – What Did They Expect?  Did the Unitarian Universalist
Merger Live Up to Expectations? – Rev. Tina Squire
September 30 is celebrated as John Murray Day, because on that Sunday in 1770, this former minister was stranded on a New Jersey Shore and is credited with giving the first Universalist sermon in the U.S.   What did early Unitarians and Universalists dream for their future?  What were their hopes in uniting in 1961?  What are our expectations for ourselves as UUs and how can we fit this 21st Century?
October 6 – Wallace Hoggatt
October 13 – Justice as a Spiritual Practice – Janine Gelsinger (UUJAZ)
As Unitarian Universalists, we see our justice work as living out our values into the world. We covenant that “service is our prayer.” What might it look like to create a Spiritual Practice of justice work?
Meet Janine Gelsinger, our new Executive Director of UUJAZ (Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona Network). As she shares about her life and the path that led her to this role, and builds relationships in our congregation, she’ll invite us to consider our relationship with social activism, as well as spiritual practice, and suggest a way to have the two meet in a daily ritual.
October 20 – Rev. Tina Squire
October 27 – Empty Bowls – Terry Zapotocky