Rev. Tina Squire

The Transformational Power of Welcome

In recent years several different denominations have embraced the term “radical hospitality.”  The word “radical” comes from the term “root” and suggests change that goes to the core of who we are. Numerous writers affirm that both those who give and those who receive deeply generous welcome are profoundly altered by the practice.  We will … Continued

Feeding Spirit, Cultivating Joy

The novelist Barbara Kingsolver writes, ‘I have taught myself joy over and over again.’  If we pay attention to joy, and tend it, it’s presence can show where there is vitality in our inner life and health in our connections to each other.

The Peril and Promise of Embodiment in Community

Being embodied teaches balance; our bodies are our own and yet at the beginning and end of life we must rely on others.  We get to decide who we are and what we want to do within our physical form, and yet others keep us alive in love long after that shape is gone.  We … Continued