Rev. Tina Squire

Starting a New Year Grounded in Truth

The Hebrew prophets understood the future because they were so clear about the present.  Each one of us has moments of deep clarity when we know what reality is and how we must respond to it. Instead of imposing resolutions on ourselves as we start 2017, I invite us to recall the deep truths we … Continued

The Gift of Spirit

What does it mean to be “spiritual but not religious” in a Unitarian Universalist setting?  What does it mean to unwrap the true gifts of this season, if they aren’t tangible and don’t come tied up in a neat religious bow?

When Story Is Not Enough

Stories help us make sense of life, affirm our sense of individual identity and also help us build and preserve community.  They can also limit us to one narrative or blind us to painful journeys in our lives or the lives of others. In this month of November, we will take up the challenge of … Continued