Rev. Tina Squire

Claiming Sanctuary, Finding the Safety to Heal and Grow

Most spiritual traditions tout the power of impermanence and change to teach, but also offer protected space where adherents find the confidence and creativity to develop.  Many Christians, for instance, state, “This world is not our home” yet call the inside of their meeting houses “sanctuaries.” We will explore the many places, out in the natural world, … Continued

What Good is Vision If You Don’t Use It?

Individuals and groups work hard to claim their sense of mission, but do they consciously employ this guide?   We will explore practical ways to put your vision to work shaping life and work.

How Good is Your Vision If You Can’t See?

As he went blind, Isaac Lidsky learned that “sight is virtual reality,”not the infallible truth we trust it is. This pushed him to consider other assumptions he made about perceiving existence and to embrace his role in constructing his world.  We will consider ways to gain broader understanding from people who can’t sense with their eyes … Continued