Rev. Linda Lawrence

Blessing Our Bodies

We are exposed to (and often internalize) a lot of judging and shaming messages about our bodies.  These messages come from families, peers, advertising and social media.  Because of the messages we’ve received, most of us have complicated relationships with our bodies – relationships that change with age and circumstances.  Today we will explore some … Continued

Flower Communion Service – A Multi-Age Service

This service for all ages includes “Changing Places,” an original, audience participation story by Terry Zapotocky. We will reflect on seasonal transformations – including the seasons of our earth and the seasons of our lives – and end the service with a flower communion. If you can, please bring a flower or flowers for our … Continued

Risk and Spirit: Necessary Dance Partners

Many of our choices dance with our spirits to keep them alive, engaged, and compassionate.   Risk is, perhaps to some of us, an unlikely dance partner.  We will explore the dance between risk and spirit and how critical that dance is to our survival as inclusive and loving people.