Rev. Linda Lawrence

The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith – First Steps

 “White supremacy!  Say what?!” you might ask. ” I’m not racist.  We are a warm and welcoming congregation.  We’re not racist”! Of course, you as an individual or we as a congregation are not overtly racist.  However, there may be things we are not seeing, hearing, and understanding about how our history and our mostly white congregations perpetuate a culture that … Continued

Spirit of the Christmas Tree – A Service for All Ages

Rev. Linda Lawrence, Jean MacKeen, Sky Island Singers and You! We will be creating a living nativity of a different kind this Christmas Eve using “The Spirit of the Christmas Tree” written by Joyce Poley, a Canadian Unitarian Universalist composer, and Frank Henning. This delightful pageant presents a Unitarian Universalist understanding of the birth of Jesus, … Continued

Holding Onto Hope

Some of you may have been surprised to see my photo under the Oct. 26th Sierra Vista Herald/Review story entitled “God is our hope.”  I know I was surprised!  As it happens, our Sunday service theme for December is hope, so we have to ask ourselves: If God isn’t the main source of hope for most Unitarian … Continued