Adult Religious Education Programs

September 2016 – May 2017




Soul Matters – Third Wednesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:00

This is a safe, facilitated discussion of our monthly worship themes and the responses evoked in participants by theme-related questions.



The Language of Gender & Orientation: Beyond the Alphabet Soup – Wednesday, September 14, 6:30 – 8:00 PM in the SIUUC Sanctuary, Presenter Erin Allison will clarify terms and understandings of sexual orientation and gender fluidity.



Meet a Muslim – Thursday, October 20, 7:00 – 8:00 PM in the Sanctuary, Presenter Moina Shaiq will offer some introductory remarks and then answer audience questions about Islam and Muslims in America.

*Cultivating Empathy: The Worth and Dignity of Every Person – Without Exception by Nathan C. Walker (Book Discussion) – Saturday, October 22, 10AM – Noon, Facilitator Lorraine Groberg.



What? There’s a UU Spiritual Practice?

The Committee on Shared Ministry offers an important sermon by the Rev. David Miller and the opportunity to discuss Miller’s questions for reflecting on right relationship. – Wednesday, Nov. 9, 6:30-7:30 PM.  Facilitators: Dave Groberg, Virginia Farrar, and Patricia Burr.

*The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics, and the Rise of the New Justice Movement by Dr. William Barber II and Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove..(Book Discussion of our UUA Common Read) – November 19, 1:00 – 3:00PM, Facilitator Wallace Hoggat



Dances of Universal Peace – Leader Janine Jamia:  Participants and observers are invited to enjoy simple dances and chants to create energy for peace in the new year. Sunday, January 8, 12:30-2:00.

*Undocumented by Aviva Chomsky – Monday, Jan. 9 & 23, Feb. 13 & 27, 7:00-8:30 PM, Facilitators Sharon Travis and Jay Jenkins:  This four-session course developed by the UU College of Social Justice will help participants reflect on historic patterns of migration via Mexico, the role of the U.S., and ideas about meaningful and faithful engagement with immigration reform.

Reiki Class – Saturday, January 21, 1:00 – 3:00PM: Come learn about the transformative and healing power of Reiki energy. Through the use of Reiki methodology you can experience an enhancement of energy flow in your body. Facilitator: Jeanne Reeves



What Really Matters (2nd Ed.): 7 Lessons for the Living from the Stories of the Dying by Dr. Karen Wyatt (Book Discussion) – Saturday, Feb. 25 – Facilitator Lorraine Groberg. Dr. Karen Wyatt teaches that in order to live life fully we must each overcome our fear of death and embrace the difficulties that life brings us, find deeper meaning in life, and form a map for non-religious spiritual growth.

Undocumented continues.  See dates & description above.



It’s Not a Physical Exam Anymore: Saturday, March 4, 9:00 AM – 10:00:  Molly Anderson MD is a Family Practice Physician who considers medicine to be a young science on the cusp of new discoveries and treatments. She will teach us about what to expect from routine health care today, as well as how to monitor chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial fibrillation and hypertension. Please join us for an interesting and informative morning.

Tipping Point for Planet Earth by Anthony D. Barnosky & Elizabeth A. Hadly (Book Discussion) – Saturday, March 25, 10AM – Noon, Facilitator David Weigel.  How close are we to the edge?



Regaining Balance: The Evolution of the UUA by Michael Werner – Saturday, April 29, 10AM – Noon, Facilitator Jerry Beale.  This author chronicles the history of the Unitarian Universalist Association and asks whether UUism will survive if it doesn’t return to humanism as its predominant theology.

Regaining Balance: The Evolution of the UUA – Saturday, April 29, 10:00 AM – Noon: Michael Werner chronicles the history of the Unitarian Universalist Association and asks whether UUism will survive if it doesn’t return to humanism as its predominant theology. The book can be purchased for $5.00.  Facilitator: Jerry Beale



Minns Lectures on the Future of Unitarian Universalism – Date(s) & Times and Facilitators TBD, Discussion to follow hour long video presentations by the Rev. Steve Kendrick who presents a different view than Werner (above) as to what we must do in order for UU congregations to flourish.


EXPLORING MEMBERSHIP is offered three times annually.  Please watch our newsletter, Facebook, and web site for details.

* Books with asterisks will be available for sale at the church 1 – 2 months in advance of the book discussion.  You may attend even if you have not read the book.

Please note that other programs may be added or revisions made to this schedule.  Dates and times of current programs are subject to change.  For questions or program proposals, please contact Lorraine Groberg, Adult RE Committee Chair, or Rev. Linda Lawrence.