As Unitarian Universalists, our principles call us to respect the inherent worth and dignity of all persons and to work for justice, equity, and compassion in human relationships.  We also believe that our task is to make lives better in THIS world as this is the only life and world we know for certain that we have.  To these ends, many of our members are active in a variety of volunteer activities in the wider community.  In our congregation, we also offer:
  • Monthly opportunities to prepare and serve a meal at Good Neighbor Alliance, a local shelter for homeless people
  • Monthly Sunday collections that provide financial assistance to a wide variety of non-profit organizations
  • Regular donations of shoes, socks, and clothing to the Arivaca Humanitarian Aid Office for assistance to migrants who have crossed the border from Mexico
  • Space for our local PFLAG group to meet and representation in the area PRIDE parade
  • Participation in the UUA Common Read program to learn more about social justice issues
  • Education through Sunday service and Adult Religious Education topics ranging from climate change to racial and economic inequality, humane immigration reform to prison and justice system reform and more
  • Participation in UU Justice Arizona events such as UU Day at the Legislature
  • Current work on a vision and mission that will help us determine more specific ways that we, as a congregation, can work as one body to make a notable positive impact on the community outside our church walls.

Below are articles about and links to our social justice activities.



Reporter: Jay Jenkins








MEET A Mmeet-a-muslim-2USLIM

Education is part of our efforts to promote social justice, peace, and understanding.  Moina Shaiq, President of the Interfaith Council of Fremont, CA, spoke to members of the congregation and wider community on 10/20/16.  She believes, as we do, that it is important to dispel misinformation about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in this country.





BAJA 4 MINISTERS BORDER IMMERSION TRIPbaja-4-ministers-border-immersion

Some of the Baja 4 (Southeastern Arizona) UU ministers and their partners took a border immersion trip on October 14 & 15, 2016, partly in preparation for Justice District Assembly in Spring 2017.  Follow the above link for photos and information.






2016 UU Day at The Legislature

The Unitarian Universalist Justice Arizona (UUJAZ) Network organizes at day at the Arizona Legislature each year in FebruaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAry.  This year it occurred on February 15 and was attended by Sky Island UU’s UUJAZ representative, Sharon Travis and two of our youth, Christopher Groberg and Mariah Hoggatt.





Standing with the Standing Rock Sioux

At noon on dapl-demonstration-11-15-16-1dapl-demonstration-11-15-16-2November 15th, approximately a dozen UU’s and others from the Sierra Vista area gathered at the entrance of Cochise College to demonstrate their support for the Standing Rock native americans.  They are opposing the allignment of the Dakota Access Pipe Line that has the potential to damage their water supply and crosses ground sacred to the tribe.  This was just one of hundreds of demonstrations, large and small, across the country.

A quote from the Guardian Website, “What’s happening at Standing Rock is extraordinary and possibly transformative for native rights, Sioux history, and the intersection of the climate movement with indigenous communities”.

Social Justice Activities To Make Our Vision & Mission “Come Alive”

Both our vision and mission statements call us to project our Unitarian Universalist values out into the world.  The problem:  How do we make this happen?

The purpose of the small group sessions that were scheduled during the Fall was to determine what issues our congregation believes would further our mission and vision, and which are most in need of our time, talent and treasure.  Close to half of our members participated in the small groups and were asked to select the 2 or 3 issues that they believed were most important.

Click Here to learn which 3 social justice issues received the most votes, and informational links on each of the issues.