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May 12 – The Call to Nurture – Rev. Sandra Jean

Mother’s Day is usually a time to romanticize all mothers as if all mother/child relationships match the “happily ever after myth.”  I want to explore the idea of the nature to nurture that lies within us all and is called forth in various circumstances. 

May 5 – THE CONFLICT BETWEEN SCIENCE AND RELIGION (and the possibility of some harmony) – Lorraine Groberg

Throughout human history, human curiosity has been a driving force for both science and religion as we strive to find ultimate reality and truth.  They are the parallel searches for understanding the reality within (our psychical) and the reality without (the physical).  However, their world views have come into deep conflict with one another and have created conflict between us.
During this service we will explore the important areas in which science and religion impinge on each other, what impact they have had on each other and if there is a slim chance of compatibility. Do you already know where you stand in this conflict?  We all have different orientations, different temperaments, and different cultural backgrounds, but if we remain curious, perhaps we may find a glimmer of wider understanding.

Bio:  Lorraine Groberg continues to maintained a deep interest in religion, psychology, and philosophy after achieving a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in mental health counseling.  She worked as a mental health counselor for many years and enjoyed teaching yoga and studying Eastern and Western religions. Recognizing that people are often perplexed about the conflict between science and religion, she decided to explore the topic in her message.

April 28 – Choices, Consequences and Changes – Green Sanctuary Team

Every day we make choices: what time to get up, what to wear, what and when to eat, what activities to do. Our choices have consequences – some minor, some far reaching. Now we are faced with dangerous and erratic weather patterns, record highs and record lows, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, drought, flooding, raging forest fires, etc. Our choices can have serious consequences for us and future generations. Are we willing to make the changes needed to prevent the worst effects of climate change or will those who come after us malign us for doing too little too late?

April 21 – Easter:  Experiencing resurrections – Rev. Tina Squire  

Whether or not you believe Jesus came back from the dead, the mystery of new life happens to all of us.  Since community is a powerful place to acknowledge experiences of rebirth, you are invited to share any such renewals that have happened to you and celebrate them in others.

April 14 – Would You Give Water to a Person Dying of Thirst? – Cameron Jones

Mr. Jones will talk about the work and mission of No More Deaths.  

Cameron Jones is a farmer born and raised in Arizona who has been volunteering with No More Deaths/No Más Muertes since 2013.  Cameron worked for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic for four years after college. During that time he lived and worked in a Haitian/Dominican community near the border dividing that island.  That experience helped him see the Arizona/Mexico border through a new lens and led him to volunteer with No More Deaths when he returned to Tucson.

April 7 –  At Onement:  The Many Ways Humans Seek to Be Whole – Rev. Tina Squire

Throughout human history we have sought to be at home with ourselves, but often the power to make things ‘right’ has been in someone else’s hands.  I will explore how recent trends, such as womanist theology and the growth of mysticism, give individuals the authority to claim their own wholeness.

March 31 – Living in the Valley of the Shadow – Rabbi Helen Cohn   

How the journey of our lives can be a blessing even as we live in the valley of the shadow of death. 

Rabbi Helen Cohn is the spiritual leader of Congregation M’kor Hayim in Tucson, AZ, a liberal congregation associated with Judaism’s Reform movement.  Rabbi Cohn is also a Spiritual Director and is active in Tucson’s interfaith community.

March 24 – Continuing The Journey – Packing Light – Rev. Jeanne Festa

As hard as we try to plan ahead, our journey through life can be totally unpredictable.  We can make it so much more difficult unless we learn to “pack light”, recognizing and leaving behind all those things that might be holding us back.  My message will include the wisdom of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go There You Are, and other modern and classic spiritual writers.

March 17 – Traveling with a Purpose: Ethical Journeys – Rev. Tina Squire