Would You Give Water to a Person Dying of Thirst?

Mr. Jones will talk about the work and mission of No More Deaths. Cameron Jones is a farmer born and raised in Arizona who has been volunteering with No More Deaths/No Más Muertes since 2013.  Cameron worked for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic for four years after college. During that time he lived and … Continued

At Onement:  The Many Ways Humans Seek to Be Whole

Throughout human history we have sought to be at home with ourselves, but often the power to make things ‘right’ has been in someone else’s hands.  I will explore how recent trends, such as womanist theology and the growth of mysticism, give individuals the authority to claim their own wholeness.

Living in the Valley of the Shadow

How the journey of our lives can be a blessing even as we live in the valley of the shadow of death. Rabbi Helen Cohn is the spiritual leader of Congregation M’kor Hayim in Tucson, AZ, a liberal congregation associated with Judaism’s Reform movement.  Rabbi Cohn is also a Spiritual Director and is active in Tucson’s … Continued


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