Breakdown / Repair / Balance / Redo

Living a balanced life is probably a myth. We can approximate balance but it is never steady state. So, perhaps we are better served by savoring the brief moments when balance is achieved, knowing imbalance will come again. We may treat ourselves and others more kindly if we think of balance as a process that … Continued

Embracing Daylight

In this time of year when most of the country marks the coming of Summer by changing their clocks for Daylight Savings time, we gather together to reflect on the passage of time in our lives. Join guest minister Rev. Dylan Doyle-Burke as we ask the questions of: how do we make the most of … Continued


As Unitarian Universalists we love to recall our leadership in reaching moral victories such as abolition, women’s suffrage, equal marriage. However since the election, policy changes affecting race relations, climate change, income inequality, immigration and more, assault us continually. How can we sustain ourselves as we resist divisiveness and hate? How can we stay strong … Continued


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