Minor Mysteries

On this Third Sunday in Advent, our speaker will investigate whether we really want mysteries to be all that mysterious – and, if not, why not. WALLACE R. HOGGATT was born in Nevada but spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. In L.A., he attended First Unitarian Church, the only church his mother ever took him to … Continued

Where is Truth?

Message: As it is that you are a kind, interdependent, and all accepting congregation, of all beliefs, from atheist to Deist.  I will want to share with you about the needs of the men and women on our border, about the things I spoke about in my biography and what it means to be an agent … Continued

How do UUs Do Mystery?

Unitarian Universalism celebrates science and has a history of mystics and Transcendentalists, so what does it offer to us as we question how we can be rational and yet leave room for the unexplained?


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