Celebrating the Stories of Different Traditions

Human communities keep their traditions alive and give meaning to their traditions through particular story forms.  We will savor the koan of Buddhism, the parable of Christianity, the middrash of Judaism, the enduring oral tradition of Native American groups, among other provocative ways story keeps culture alive and challenges it to grow.

Villains and Heroes

Many stories include heroes and villains – and I’m not just talking about fiction. Often history is presented as if the participants had been born to play the roles that we, in hindsight, have assigned to them. Do the actors in the stories of our lives always deserve the labels imposed on them?

Embracing the Power of the Story of Sky Island

Last week we gathered the accounts of when Sky Islander’s felt most alive in this congregation and what they hope to see the church become.  Today we will share some of those narratives and lift up the most widely shared themes about what we value in this community and what we dream for its future.


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