Sky Island Unitarian Universalist Church
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This congregation affirms and promotes the full participation of persons in all our activities and endeavors without regard to race, color, gender, physical or mental challenge, affectional or sexual
orientation, class or national origin.

Sky Island UUC Who’s Who
Sky Island UU Church Board Members for 2018-2019

Board President: Jerry Beale
Vice President:  Sue Mitchell
Board Secretary: Jean MacKeen
Board Treasurer: David Weigel
Member-at-Large:  Sharon Travis
Member-at- Large: Virginia Farrar
Member-at- Large: Norine Fitzmaurice (appointed by board to fill vacancy-to serve until the next annual congregational meeting)

The 2017-18 Nominating Committee members are:

Lex Herron, Diane Davis,Suzie Fawcett
2019 PSW District Assembly: Save the Dates:  April 26-28
Save the weekend of April 26-28, 2019, for the next Pacific Southwest District Assembly at the UU Church of Long Beach, California!
Next year’s DA Theme will be, “From the Ground Up: The Power of Our PSWD Communities.”
The congregation is the foundation of our Unitarian Universalist faith. Everything we do as an expression of our faith is grounded in the local communities from which we all take comfort and strength. Some of our greatest joys sprout from the spiritual communities and the congregations of the Pacific Southwest District – both big and small.
How does this theme apply to your congregation or your life?
Sky Island UUC Contacts
*Admin. Assistant: Terry Zapotocky
*Adult Religious Education:   vacant
*Building & Grounds: Dave & Lorraine Groberg
*Care teams:  Joyce Carpenter
*Children’s Religious Education: Kathy Scott-Chair, Carmen Griffin-Lead Teacher
*Coffee House: Ellen Taylor
*Committee on Shared Ministry: Dave Groberg, Chair, Howard Dumont, Burl Schultz, Diane Davis
*Communications:  vacant
*Good Neighbor Alliance: vacant
*Green Sanctuary Team:  Dave Weigel
*Greeters: Georgia Nielsen
*Hymnals and Name tags: Jean MacKeen
*Membership: Terry Z
*Music Coordinator: Jean MacKeen
*Newsletter: Terry Zapotocky
*Office Volunteers: Diane Davis
*Pianist: Jean MacKeen
*Projectionist: Gary Rulapaugh, Dave Weigel, Tricia Gerrodette Roland Bockhorst
*Podcasts: Gary Rulapaugh, Roland Bockhorst, Tricia Gerrodette
*Publicity:  Janette Davie
*Quilters: Karen Horton
*Safe Congregation: Edna Weigel, Jim Howe, Roland Bockhorst
*Social Activities: Sue Mitchell
*Social Media: Ellen Taylor
*Social Justice: Heather Borman
*Stewardship Committee: Jerry Beale, Tricia Gerrodette, Dave Weigel, Terry Reeves
*Sunday Refreshments: Sue Mitchell, Virginia Farrar, Norine Fitzmaurice, Jan Anderson, Terry Z
*Sunday Services: Merrie Longbottom
*Sunday Set Up and Clean Up: Terry Z
*Web Site: Dave Weigel
Mission Statement:
Sky Island Unitarian Universalist Church – a caring community forging a compassionate, just and sustainable world.
Vision Statement:
  • Sky Island Unitarian Universalist Church is committed to:  nourishing spiritual and intellectual growth;
  • creating community through worship, music, learning and caring ministry;
  • advancing justice, peace, and sustainability;
  • building bridges with people from all backgrounds and beliefs, joining forces for the common good;
  • pursuing love and acceptance in an informed, healthy and safe environment.
Sky Island UUC Covenant of Right Relations
We, the congregation of Sky Island Unitarian Universalist Church, covenant to:
  • Treat all beings with compassion and kindness
  • Listen actively and speak responsibly
  • Seek understanding and be open to change
  • Acknowledge our imperfections and our differences with good humor
  • Devote our energies to creating and maintaining a vibrant beloved community among ourselves and in the greater world.
Board covenant

  • Keep congregation’s best interests at heart
  • Be trustworthy stewards of congregational resources
  • Seek consensus
  • Give constructive feedback – keep disagreement respectful
  • Be prompt, prepared, focused
  • Support board decisions & policies
  • Be realistic in our expectations & commitments

Sunday Services Schedule July 2018-June 2019

UUJAZ Restoration Project
Every day of the week, day or night, ICE vans from Arizona immigration detention facilities and short term holding facilities pull into the bus depot in Phoenix and drop off immigrants. Those released usually have nothing but paper or plastic bags to carry their few clothes and possessions, and are traveling as far away as Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C. or New York. They have bus tickets but they rarely have funds to purchase the supplies necessary for these 2 to 4 day trips and may be traveling with children.  Please place your donations in the storage containers in the church entry by the glass double doors.  Contact Sharon Travis for more information.

Items needed for donation:
Food that is healthy, non-perishable and easy to serve such as fruit cups, protein bars, cans of tuna or chicken or sardines or Vienna sausages, dried fruit, nuts, small water or juice bottles, and beef jerky.  Also can use washcloths, travel size toothpaste and deodorant, wipes, panty liner, sanitary napkins and lip protectant.  Please make sure cans have pop tops.
Unitarian Universalist + Related Info

Lost and Found:  Located in church office.  It’s in the plastic file box with the blue top.  Contact Terry Z if you have lost or found something at church.

Unitarian Universalist Association
UU Church of the Larger Fellowship
UUs for a Just Economic Community
UU Justice Arizona Network

No More Deaths 


Donation box is in the church office. Items needed: socks, shoes, slacks, shirts, canned goods with pop tops, medical supplies,band aids, antibiotic ointment.  Contact Jay Jenkins for information.
Side With Love 


Newsletter for UU Leaders

UU Camp

AZ UU Camp

UU World is the quarterly magazine for UU members.  It takes about 3 months after you become a member of Sly Island UUC to start receiving your copy.  If you are not, please contact Terry Z @
Minister:  For pastoral care issues, contact Rev. Tina Squire or your care team leader.
Office, Service Location, & Mailing Address:
4533A N. Commerce Dr.
Sierra Vista, AZ  85635
Email Address:
Office Open:

Fridays 11am-3pm

Phone:  520-378-0197
Sunday Services: 10:30am
All meetings and events are open to members and friends of the congregation unless otherwise noted.
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Submitting Items for Newsletter, Calendar, Directory, etc.
The deadline for submitting newsletter items is Wednesdayat 5PM.  For those without email, please place a typed copy in the folder in the wall file holder in the office marked “Newsletter”.  For directory changes, calendar entries, or for issues with podcasts, the Sky Island UUC website or the office computers, please contact: 
Please do not send to an individual person’s email.